Affiliate Networks Netherlands – Which one should you Choose?

Affiliate networks in the Netherlands. What affiliate networks are there in the Netherlands? What are the differences between these networks?

How do you as an affiliate or advertiser decide which network to choose? Within this blog all networks in the Netherlands are discussed.

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OMG – Netdirect
Familyblend Partnerprogramma
Amazon Associates


About Daisycon 

affiliate netwerken nederland

Daisycon started in the year 2007. Since 2000 the owners had an advertising network called, and

Daisycon is a Dutch affiliate network. From Almere about 75 employees work for this company.

The interface and technology are developed in-house.

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Within which Sectors is Daisycon the Largest?

Daisycon is active in many industries. However, there are a number of markets in which they are large. Within these they are experts and can give good advice.

These are fashion, finance, energy, telecom and travel. For a complete overview go to all Daisycon Affiliate Programs.

Tip: To get an impression which network suits you, it is good to know within which branches the network is active. If an affiliate network has a lot of experience in your industry, they know what works and what doesn’t. They also know the best converting affiliates and advertisers. This helps you to get the highest possible return on your affiliate website or affiliate program as quickly as possible.

What distinguishes Daisycon?


1 – Technology: This is reflected in the affiliate tools that are being developed.

There are several comparison tools that are easy to implement for an affiliate.

For example, an affiliate can place a comparator on his site (without technical knowledge) for the following products and services within a few steps:

car insurance
accounting software
dating site
sim only
funeral expenses
health insurance

See all the possibilities for the comparison tools here.

2 – Personal approach: There are many channel managers working within Daisycon who support both the affiliate and the advertiser. This approach has led to a large active affiliate base and many different successful affiliate programs.

When do you choose Daisycon (as webshop owner)?

You can choose Daisycon as an advertiser if you are active in one of the industries in which they specialize. Daisycon is strongest in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.

The international objectives of your company will have to be in line with these countries.

When do you choose Daisycon (as an affiliate)?

If you are looking for a network that offers technical support through affiliate tools, as well as many major A-brands but also smaller affiliate programs, then Daisycon is a suitable network.

Think in advance about which advertisers you would like to promote and see if they are active at Daisycon.

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tradetracker affiliate netwerk nederlandAbout Tradetracker

Just like Daisycon, Tradetracker is an affiliate network established in the Netherlands.

Another similarity with Daisycon is that the head office is also located in the city of Almere.

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Within which sectors is Tradetracker the biggest?

Tradetracker is the Dutch affiliate network with the most affiliate programs. There are a few branches that stand out.

These are travel, finance and shopping. Click here for an overview of all active affiliate programs Tradetracker.

What distinguishes TradeTracker?

Many affiliates and advertisers like the Tradetracker interface the most. The interface is fast. And it is easy for an affiliate to generate an affiliate link.

Tradetracker has also developed a technology called Real Attribution. This makes it possible to apply conversion attribution within the affiliate channel.

This means that it is possible to divide the commission among different partners. For example, as an advertiser, you can choose to give the affiliate who first brings in a visitor (beginning of the funnel) a commission as well.

When do you choose TradeTracker (as webshop owner)?

Tradetracker offers opportunities for both smaller and larger advertisers. Within Tradetracker you see many A brands but also many smaller webshops active.

If you are a smaller advertiser, keep in mind that you have to manage and optimize your program yourself.

The system of Tradetracker is user friendly which makes it easy to manage your own program.

When do you choose TradeTracker (as affiliate)?

Many affiliates are enthusiastic about Tradetracker’s interface. In addition, Tradetracker offers opportunities for affiliates who are active a bit higher up in the funnel.

As an affiliate you will receive a commission if you are responsible for placing the last click (last cookie counts).

Within Tradetracker it is also possible to receive a commission if you have been active in the early stages of the sale.

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AWINaffiliate netwerk awin

About Awin

Awin is an international affiliate network. It is Headquarters is located in Berlin.

Approximately 900 people worldwide work for Awin. The Benelux office is located in Amsterdam.

Within which sectors is Awin the biggest?

Awin is big in the Netherlands in fashion, finance, telecom and shopping.

What distinguishes Awin?

Awin has a strong focus on A brands. You can see many major Dutch advertisers in Awin’s customer portfolio. Smaller webshops are not accepted by Awin’s account managers.

Since May 2020 Awin has a new service: Awin Connect. This service is aimed at start-ups and smaller companies. You pay less fixed costs but will also have to do more yourself to make it a success.

Because Awin is a large international network, you can quickly enter a new market.. For affiliates it is an interesting network because many large e-commerce shops are connected.

When do you choose Awin (as webshop owner)?

Awin is interesting as a network if you have international ambitions. Awin is active in many countries. As an advertiser, it is easier to get started in unknown markets.

For example, if you want to enter the German market with your e-commerce shop, Awin’s account managers can put you in contact with their German colleagues.

When do you choose Awin (as affiliate)?

Awin has many large E-commerce customers and is strong abroad. If you, as an affiliate, have ambitions to grow internationally, then Awin is an interesting partner.

In addition, you see that all major finance and fashion affiliates in the Netherlands make use of the Awin network because they have managed to attract large advertisers within these segments.

Go to the  >>Awin Website<<

TRADEDOUBLERaffiliate netwerken nederland

About Tradedoubler

Tradedoubler is originally a Swedish company. They have offices in 10 countries and are active in 83 countries. The Dutch office is located in Rotterdam.

Within which sectors is Tradedoubler active?

Tradedoubler is big in travel and electronics. They don’t have an overview of the active advertisers on their site, like the other 3 networks above.

An advice for Tradedoubler is to do this. If affiliates don’t know in advance which advertisers are active, they are less likely to join Tradedoubler.

What distinguishes TradeDoubler?

Tradedoubler is an international network. However, the approach in the Netherlands is very personal. The account managers are very involved in the campaigns.Both on the side of the affiliate and the advertiser.

Tradedoubler is a large international party. In the Netherlands, however, they are a lot smaller than Awin, Daisycon and Tradetracker.

Tradedoubler wants to grow fast in the Netherlands and this is reflected in the qualitative account management.

When do you choose TradeDoubler (as webshop owner)?

If you are an advertiser looking for a party that will work hard for you, Tradedoubler is the network.

Tradedoubler also has the possibility to start a privat parter program. This means that just like wehkamp or you have your own affiliate program complete in your own layout.

Within a privat program the way of paying the network is different. You pay a fixed monthly fee and not a margin per transaction. This is interesting for large e-commerce parties that alot of transactions with high commissions (such as wehkamp and

When do you choose TradeDoubler (as affiliate)?

As an affilaite, Tradedoubler is interesting because of the pro active account management. Tradedoubler’s software is a litte bit outdated. It can be hard to find what your ar looking for. However, they are working on a new interface.

>>Go to the website of TradeDoubler<<

OMG – NetdirectOMG - netdirect

About OMG

OMG is the abbreviation for Online Marketing Group. The online marketing company is split into 3 parts.

OMG Mailmedia this is an email base which can be used by customers to acquire leads and sales.

OMG Brainshuffle focuses on conversion optimization, setting up e-mail funnels and creation of landing pages.

The last part is OMG Netdirect and this is the affiliate marketing network. Within this network it is possible for affiliates to pick up promotional material from OMG customers.

Within which sectors is OMG active?

Within OMG Netdirect, OMG focuses on the recruitment of subscriptions for newspapers and magazines. Within the magazines and newspaper sector, they use trial subscriptions on a large scale.

You will receive as a customer a high discount on a temporary subscription.

After the expire date of a trial subscription, the goal of the newspaper is to make a new subscription holder for a long period.

OMG collaborates with major companies such as Sanoma, TMG and de Persgroep. Examples of titles that can be promoted through OMG are De Telegraaf, Het Algemeen Dagblad and Linda.

In addition to newspaper and magazine subscriptions, there are also opportunities to promote test drives for car dealers and lead recruitment for energy companies and lotteries.

What distinguishes OMG?

OMG is strong in building converting landing pages. Most affiliate networks allow visitors to be redirected to the advertiser’s page. OMG builds separate landing pages for most customers. This is reflected in the high conversion rates.

When do you choose OMG (as webshop owner)?

If you are looking for an affiliate network that specializes in lead generation, OMG is a good choice. In addition, they can build good converting landing pages for you and create extra reach by leveraging their email base.

When do you choose OMG (as affiliate)?

Affiliates focused on free items, cashback parties and mail parties are registered with OMG. In order to generate leads, high discounts or gifts are required to convince the potential customer.

If you have an affiliate project focused on promotions, newspapers, magazines or lotteries, OMG is the network for you. The conversion rate of the actions for which they have created a landing page is the highest. Advice to promote these deals via your affiliate project.

>> Go to the OMG website <<


About Familyblendfamilyblend

Family Blend used to operate under the name Affiliate4you. Family Blend is an affiliate network focused on families. Because they have chosen a clear target group, they also have a specific affiliate base that focuses on this group. In addition, the account manager of Family Blend are specialists within the family segment. Familyblend works with the software of Awin

Within which sectors is FamilyBlend active?

Familyblend focuses on families. Customers connected to this network at the time of writing are Albert Heyn, Fisher Price, Nutrica and Philips.

What distinguishes FamilyBlend?

The difference lies in the clear choice of target group. So if you focus on families as an advertiser or affiliate, Family Blend is a good choice.

>> Go to the FamilyBlend Website << partnerprogramma

About partnerprogram has a private partner program. This means that you can’t find them in an affiliate network. The advantage for is that they no longer have to pay per transaction to the affiliate network

For an e-commerce giant like, the costs of an affiliate network are too high. Wehkamp and Coolblue also work with a private affiliate program. In many cases, software from a licensed network is purchased and set up entirely according to the wishes of the customer (in this case

When do you choose (as affiliate)?


BOL’s affiliate program is very user-friendly. They have a lot of widgets / tools that you can place on your affiliate site. All you have to do is copy an html code and paste it into your site. No technical knowledge is required.

You can, for example, place a bestseller book list on your affiliate site with a few clicks. This will be updated by This way the offers are always up to date. This is ideal, especially if you have a website with many pages.

In addition, has a huge selection that you can take advantage of. You can see that there are many niche affiliates active for

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Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

About Amazon Associates

Amazon started its affiliate marketing program in 1996.They are the first company in the world to launch a large-scale affiliate program. Amazon knows better than anyone how to help its affiliate partners achieve more sales.

What distinguishes Amazon Associates

Offer -> Amazon’s range is huge.The international range of Amazon is now also available in the Netherlands. As a result, there are many opportunities for affiliates.

Pricing and conversion -> Amazon is and will be a serious competitor of Coolblue and For comparison sites it is interesting to test the conversion and prices of Amazon compared to the Dutch e-commerce giants.

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Examples of Amazon affiliates

Here are two examples of international Amazon affiliates:

Creative affilate site – This is why Iam Broke
Selling an affiliate website for 30M

I’m also very curious to hear your opinion on this subject, please let me know by leaving a comment:

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