Affiliate Marketing Examples – Types of Dutch Affiliate Sites

Affiliate marketing examples. What kind of affiliate websites are there? What do they look like? Why are these big affiliates? Take a look at examples of different affiliate websites in this article.

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Day offers Affiliates
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Free Websites
Review Websites
Portal Websites
Comparison Sites
Content sites

Cashback Affiliates

An example of affiliate marketing are the cashback websites. Cashback affiliates are parties who return a portion of the affiliate commission to their members.

The successful cashback parties manage to convince large groups of people to make all their online purchases via their cashback portal.

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Why are cashback parties big in Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliates are paid for an applied sale or lead. Members of cashback sites receive an additional discount if they order through a cashback site.

There is an immediate advantage for a cashback member to place an order within a cashback portal.

As a result, many people with an intention to buy can be found on cashback sites. Affiliate marketing is aimed at people at the bottom of the sales funnel.

That’s why affiliate marketing is the way to make money for Get Paid To (gpt) / Cashback Websites.

Affiliate Marketing Examples of Cashback Parties


Day offers affiliates

Day offers affiliates collect temporary promotions from webshops. They have a large overview of all temporary deals.

They often work with a counter that indicates how long the deal is still running. In this way, a sense of urgency is created.

You still have 2 hours to make use of this deal otherwise it will expire.

Day offer affiliates work together with day offer advertisers.

These are webshops such as, or

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Why are daily offers affiliates big in affiliate marketing?

Day offers affiliates are focused on sales. People who visit these sites are bargain hunters.

They are looking for great deals with high discounts. An affiliate receives a commission when a visitor places an order.

Affiliate marketing is a deal based marketing channel. Deals such as with high discounts are interesting to promote on a commission basis.

Affiliate marketing examples of daily offer sites

Affiliate Discount Code

Discount code affiliates show an overview of all discount codes. Advertisers use these codes to convince future customers to place an order.

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Why are discount code affiliates big in affiliate marketing?

Many people search in google for the keyword discount or discount code in combination with the name of a webshop. Websites such as discount and action score high in google on these words and therefore attract many visitors.

These are people who are planning to make a purchase in the short term. A commission per sale is therefore the best earning model for a discount code affiliate.

Affiliate marketing examples of discount code sites

Free Websites

Free websites show an overview of all free products that can be found online.

The keyword free is one of the most commonly used keywords in search engines. There are advertisers who give away free products and samples to collect contact information.

Example: In exchange for a free can of red bull you will receive the weekly Red Bull newsletter.

Free samples will also be given out if the user gives their opinion about it through a survey after use.

In addition, within free sites you will see offers and promotions that are not completely free.

Example: become a member of the lotto and receive 1 free lottery ticket.

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Why are the free affiliate websites big in affiliate marketing?

A lot of people are looking for free stuff on the internet. These people like to browse sites like or and see if they can find free stuff.

It is interesting for advertisers to be visible on these free sites because of the large range of these sites.

Within the lists of free deals there are ‘free’ actions on which an affiliate commission is earned. These are often actions that include a free element ->

Example of this is: Switch to Vodafone and receive 1 month for free.

Affiliate marketing Examples of Free Sites

Review Websites

Review websites collect opinions about webshops. Visitors of review websites doubt whether they want to make a purchase.

They want to know what the experiences of other customers are. They search on ‘experiences webshop x’ and end up on a review affiliate website.|

Read this blog about the wirecutter the largest review affiliate of the U.S.

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Why are review affiliates big within affiliate marketing??

Review affiliates score well on keywords such as ‘experiences Zalando’ or ‘reviews Nike’. 

A positive review can convince a potential customer to make a purchase. A recurring feature of major affiliate categories is that they are close to the purchase.

This is also the case with the review sites and the reason that this is an important affiliate category. 

Affiliate marketing examples of Review Sites

Portal Websites

Portal websites are startpages that show an overview of websites you visit frequently.

Many people first land on google when they open their internet browser. You can also choose to set it to open a portal website. 

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Why are portal websites big in affiliate marketing??

If you visit amazon website on a daily basis, it’s nice if you don’t have to type the address again and again.

You go via your personal homepage to your favorite webshop. Behind the icons is an affiliate link. Portal websites are large within affiliate marketing due to the large number of returning visitors.

Affiliate marketing Examples of Portal Websites

Comparison Sites

Comparison sites compare products or services. Everything is compared via comparison websites -> clothing, insurance, televisions, you name it.

These websites often work with product feeds. These are large csv or excel files containing all product information in different fields. These affiliates retrieve the feeds from all advertisers and compare them with each other.

Large comparison sites have a lot of technical knowledge. It is not easy to synchronize many (often different) product feeds with each other.


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Affiliate marketing examples of Comparison Sites

Content sites

Content sites, write blog or make videos. These sites attract a loyal target group.

To keep this group satisfied, new information / news is shared continuously. Content creation is the way in which these sites attract new visitors and allow existing visitors to return. 

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Why are content websites big in affiliate marketing?

Successful content websites are an authority in their industry.

Because of this they influence the decisions of people who are looking for information and advice. Within product reviews you regularly see an affiliate link to the webshop with the best offer of this product.

Large content sites often have different revenue models. They work on a commission basis (affiliate deal / cps) they work on the basis of a click fee (cpc) or a fixed amount is agreed upon.

You also often see combinations of remuneration models (hybrid model). In that case, a fixed amount is charged in combination with a cpc or a cps. 

Examples of content affiliates


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