Who are the Biggest affiliates in the Netherlands? [2021]


In this blog I have tried to answer the question which affiliates are the largest in the Netherlands. I’ve used several tools to estimate the number of visitors (if something isn’t right, let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this blog).


1Biggest Discount Code Sites
2 Largest Directory Sites
3 Largest Comparison Sites
4 Largest Free Sites
5 Largest Cashback Sites
6 Largest Review Affiliate
7 Largest Telecom Affiliates
8 Largest Travel Affiliates
9 Largest Health Insurance Affiliates
10 Largest Seasonal Affiliates
11 Largest Energy Affiliate
12 Largest Fashion Affiliate

Almost every e-tailer has an affiliate program. In addition, there are many different types of affiliates. To make an overview as complete as possible, I have made a list per branch. But also a list per affiliate category. There are affiliates active that don’t focus on 1 industry, examples are comparison sites, cashback parties, discount code sites, directory sites etc.

There are also parties that do focus on 1 industry and are large in this industry.

It is an estimate and a snapshot. If you know a party that should also be listed. Or if there is information in it that is not correct. Let me know by the comment at the bottom of this blog.

1 – Biggest Discount Code Sites

Discount code sites are big in the affiliate world. There is a discussion about the added value of these parties. The fact remains that the Dutch consumer needs a place where all discounts and discount codes can be found. And these affiliates are cleverly responding to this need.

Below an overview of the largest discount code sites of this moment:


1 Kortingscode.nl started by Imbull founders Jochem Vroom and Jelle van der Bij. In 2017 sold to Rocket Internet. At the time of writing part of Global Saving Group Amsterdam.

Estimated visitors per month:

kortingscode.nl: 500k (link)


2 Acties.nl has grown rapidly in recent years. Franke Media is the company behind acties.nl and was founded by Vince Franke. Over the past year, they have managed to steal a large portion of the global saving group’s traffic.

It is striking that the growth of acties.nl really got off the ground in 2017. This was exactly the moment kortingscode.nl was sold to Rocket Internet. It seems that acties.nl has taken over many organic positions from Rocket Internet in the period of sales.

Estimated visitors per month: 1 million (link )

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2 – Largest Directory Sites

Directory sites or startpages are websites that people set up in their internet browser. You will see this website first when you open the internet browser. There are 2 affiliates that dominate this market in the Netherlands.

The great strength of directory sites is that they don’t depend on google results to get visitors. There are few successful affiliates who do not depend on google.

In addition, they have a lot of returning visitors. This makes it possible for an advertiser to come into contact with the same user several times. This increases the chance of a conversion.

Sanoma Search / Startpagina.nl

Startpagina.nl (Sanoma Search) is used by many people in the Netherlands. Primarily a somewhat older target group uses startpagina.nl to further navigate to the websites of their choice.

Within startpage there is a search function. You don’t get to see the google results but the results Sanoma has chosen. Beneath these results there are affiliate links. This search function is not only available on http://www.startpagina.nl but also on the many startpagina niche pages. So the range is very large.

Estimated visitors per month: 14 million (link)


Symabloo is the more hip and advanced version of startpagina.nl. Unlike startpagina.nl, Symbaloo is very big internationally.

You can easily fill tiles with the websites you use the most. Some tiles are fixed. You can buy these positions as an advertiser.

Estimated monthly visitors in:

Worldwide: 9 million (link )

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3 – Largest Comparison Site

There are many product comparison ranges active in the Netherlands. These parties work with product feeds. They load all the product information of many different advertisers on their site. They then make a comparison and show it on their site.

The visitor can easily find the desired product and is redirected to the right page on the advertiser’s webshop.

In the comparison market many different payment models are used:

Commission Models

1 CPC – Compensate per forwarded click
2 Whitelabel function – The order is completed within the comparison site. The affiliate collects the money and transfers it to the advertiser once a month (after deduction of the margin). This model is used by Beslist.nl
3 CPS – The comparison site receives a commission on the turnover when a forwarded visitor makes a purchase on the advertiser’s website.

Below is an example of a comparison site that settles on a CPS basis and one that uses the CPC model.


Kiesproduct compares the prices of +1,550 webshops 30,750,000 products & 126,900 brands.

Estimated visitors per month: 1.2 million (link )


Shopalike, is a comparison site, just like kiesproduct.nl. However, if you want to start a cooperation with shopalike, you pay a fee per click. This makes it a bit more risky as you don’t know in advance what the results will be.

You can provide a special feed with best-selling products, products with the highest margin or highest discount in order to steer more towards conversion.

It is also wise to agree on a maximum number of clicks for cpc deals before you go live. This way you avoid high costs.

Estimated visitors per month: 385k (link)

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4 – Largest Free Sites

In the Netherlands, more than 5 million searches are made every month for the keyword ‘free’ or a combination of ‘free’ and another keyword.

The free sites were much more popular 10 to 15 years ago. This is due to the growing awareness among consumers that a free application or product is never completely free. After applying, you will be called or emailed or you will receive a part for free and not everything.

There are 2 affiliates in the Netherlands who attract a lot of ‘free’ traffic to their site.


Gratis.nl is managed by Liondeals. There are several other domains active in Liondeals such as korting.nl and aanbieding.nl. . Definitely an interesting affiliate to share your deals with.

Estimated visitors per month: 91k (link)


Started in 1996 when there were not alot of affiliate sites. Gratiz.nl was for a long time one of the largest affiliate sites in the Netherlands.

The great thing about gratiz.nl is that the look of the site has never been changed. It’s been the same since 1996. For many people, gratiz.nl is one of the first sites they have visited on the Internet (almost a kind of digital national heritage 🙂

Estimated visitors per month: 113k

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Largest Cashback Sites

Cashback affiliates return part of the affiliate fee to their members. In this way they can earn points and have this paid out. Members of a cashback affiliate receive an extra discount on their online purchases.

The reach of cashback affiliates is mainly in the large e-mail files. In many cases, the traffic is forwarded from the e-mail to the advertiser. As a result, the number of visitors to the website does not say very much about the total reach.


Qassa.nl is one of the largest cashback parties. Previously, they were active under the name MoneyMillionaire. The company was founded by Ramon Casander. The Quote has estimated its net worth at 15 million (source: https://www.quotenet.nl/quote-500/a136189/ramon-casander-bio/)

The site indicates that they have millions of members in 8 different countries.


EuroClix is part of the company iFlavours.nl. On the site they indicate that they have 200,000 optin addresses. They started in 1999 and are active in the Netherlands and Belgium.

What is unique about Euroclix is that they have increasing exchange rates. The more clix you earn, the better the exchange cows (from Clix to Euro).

They have around 1 million visitors a month. Within iFlavours, the labels Panelclix and Needle are also active within iFlavours.

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5 – Largest Review Affiliate

Many people want to know before they make a purchase whether the company is reliable. Experiences of other customers give a good impression of this.


There are several affiliates that collect reviews. The biggest is Nederlandreview.nl.

Estimated visitors per month: 142k (link)

6 – Largest Telecom Affiliates

Many different affiliates are active within the Telecom market. For example, there are comparators that compare all mobile subscriptions so you can easily find the best deal.

There are also bloggers. These parties write about the latest techniques and news around smartphones.

But which telecom affiliates are the biggest?

iPhoned / Androidplanet.nl

The websites – iPhoned.nl / Androidplanet.nl are all from BigSpark.nl. On these sites many articles are written daily about the latest news on smartphones and subscriptions.

They have now written more than 36,000 quality articles. Resulting in a lot of important positions in the organic results of google. This is reflected in the visitor numbers:

Visitor numbers per month:

iPhoned – > 430k (link)
Androidplanet – > 2 million (link )

The smartphone.nl and onlysim.nl labels are also active. However, the visitor numbers of these sites are still a lot lower than the other two.

Note: Many deals on a cpc basis so not a 100% cps affiliate.


In the past, iCulture.nl was active under the name iPhoneclub.nl. This is a community of apple lovers. Articles are written about the latest Apple products and services.

iCulture made extensive use of Apple’s affiliate program. By promoting new paid apps within blogs. However, Apple stopped the affiliate program a while back. This made them more dependent on the promotion of hardware and subscriptions.

Estimated visitors per month: 800k (link)

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8 – Largest Travel Affiliates

The travel industry is big within affiliate marketing. There are many travel blogs, comparisons of last minute deals, as well as many different destinations. Because of this I found it very difficult to find out which affiliates are the biggest in this industry.

Maybe you are or do you know a major travel affiliate? Let me know by commenting at the bottom of this article.

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9 – Largest Health Insurance Affiliate

By mid-November, all health insurers must have announced the new rates. At that time you can look for the best or most advantageous health insurer for the new year.

Affiliates play an important role in this period. Around 1 million people a year are switching from health insurance. The affiliate commission per transfer are between 25 and 70 euros.

So there are a lot of commercial opportunities here for affiliates.


Zorgwijzer.nl was started by Roy van Wensen and Bart Koenraadt. This comparison site is listed annually in the top 3 of the keyword: health insurance comparison in google. It attracts many converting visitors who are about to switch.

Striking things about the site: They’ve collected a lot of reviews about the health insurance companies they compare. They also do a lot of research on the health insurance market.

They share this with the major news sites. Nu.nl, Telegraaf.nl regularly post these surveys. This leads to qualitative backlinks and a lot of new direct traffic.

Estimated visitors per month: 1 million during peak November December (link )

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Zorgwijzer.nl is part of the company Humbird This includes the websites www.creditcard.nl , www.uitvaartverzekering.nl and www.energievergelijk.nl.

10 – Largest Season Related Affiliates

Some affiliates are only large within a certain period of time in the year. Below are 2 good examples of this.


Lootjestrekken.nl is now used by 1 million people in the Netherlands to celebrate Sinterklaas and Christmas. You can easily create a group via the website, draw a name and fill in your wish list.

If you fill in your wish list you will receive gift suggestions. The person who has your drawn your name can use the links on your wish list and go directly to the advertiser and buy the gift. For each click the advertiser pays a cpc fee.

Estimated number of visitors in Nov Dec: 3 million

Blackfriday Netherlands

BlackFriday has grown every year in recent years. Some clever affiliates have responded to this. The biggest Black Friday site at the moment is the website http://www.blackfridaynederland.nl.

These sites collect the sharpest deals of all blackfriday sites. In order to be visible on this site during black friday you pay a fixed amount + a commission from a forwarded visitor.

Estimated visitors per month: 100k

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11 – Largest Energy Affiliates

The energy market is very interesting for affiliates. The advantages can be compared to those of the health insurance market. Every household has an energy contract (read a large market). Energy suppliers have a lot of money left over for new customers (read high affiliate commission).

In addition, the energy rates and costs are still not transparent. As a result, many consumers rely on comparison sites when looking for a new energy supplier.

There are many different types of comparison sites active in the energy sector such as gaslicht.com, overstappen.nl, independer.nl, easyswitch and pricewise.nl. However, on these sites the energy contract is concluded on their own site. These are not affiliates.


Energie-aaniedingen.com is part of the Comparison Group. On these sites all deals are collected from energy suppliers. Many people search for a gift or free months of energy, and can find an overview of the most attractive deal here

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12 – Largest Fashion Affiliate


Kleding.nl is a comparison site. Here you can see all kinds of different kinds of clothes. There is an extensive selection of possibilities, so you can search within many different webshops.

Kleding.nl also has several similar foreign clothing comparators.

Estimated visitors per month: 900k (link)

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