What does an affiliate network do?

What does an affiliate network do? If you start with affiliate marketing, you will (in most cases) use an affiliate network. But what is an affiliate network? And is a network necessary? In this blog this will be discussed in more detail.

What is an affiliate network?affiliate network

Affiliate marketing is a way for a web shop to realize additional sales via partner websites (affiliates). An advertiser (web shop) can use affiliate marketing to work together with blogs, e-mail base owners, apps, comparison websites and many other types of affiliates. When an affiliate sends a visitor to a web shop and this visitor decides to purchase, the affiliate receives a commission from the advertiser. The affiliate receives a commission because he is responsible for bringing in a paying customer . An affiliate network ensures that the advertiser and the affiliate can find each other and can start a collaboration.

What does an affiliate network do?

An affiliate network takes care of the following matters (depending on which network you work with)

1 – Dashboard: In the affiliate network system, as an affiliate you can see how many orders you have made and how much commission you have earned. The advertiser can see how many sales have been realized by the various affiliates within the program. In addition, many different statistics can be seen, such as number of clicks, ecpc, best-performing banners, invoices, etc. etc.

2 – Measurement (tracking) of the transactions: The affiliate network ensures the correct measurement of the affiliate orders.

3 – Invoicing: As an affiliate you have no invoice relationship with the advertisers you are promoting. The affiliate network sends 1 invoice to the advertiser. If this invoice is paid to the network, all affiliates will be paid separately by the network.

4 – Marketplace: An affiliate network is a platform. An affiliate can search for new advertisers within this platform. You can easily register with the various affiliate programs. In addition, the advertisers can look for new affiliates within the affiliate network marketplace.

5 – Tooling / technical support: There are affiliate networks that offer technical tools to affiliates, such as easy to install comparison tools or widgets.

Is a network necessary?

A network is useful but not necessary. As a web shop owner you can also select 10 partners you would like to work with. You can approach these partners and startup a collaboration . You can pay these affiliates for every click. A cps deal can also be used. Google analytics can determine how many orders have been realized by the affiliate.

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