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Creative affiliate site. If you are planning to start affiliate marketing, examples of creative affiliate sites can be inspirational. In this blog the big international affiliate site ‘This is why I am broke’ is discussed. Why is this affiliate so successful?

This is why I’am broke is an Amazon affiliate site. Almost  all products on this website refer to Amazon. It gives an insight into what bullsh*t products are all sold on Amazon :-).

This is why I’am broke collects daily amusing products from Amazon, places them on its website and adds a funny text.

creative affiliate site

Examples of products that they promote

At the bottom of this article you will see some examples of funny products that are on ‘This is Why I’am Broke’. You see a ‘hot dog sweater‘ for dogs. A suit that makes you look like a hedge, a hot air balloon and a Bob Ross waffle maker.

The pictures are provided with matching texts as in the ‘human hedge costume‘ state

This human hedge costume is perfect for scaring unsuspecting trick-or-treaters when they venture onto your property. It is custom made from green plastic foliage that gives this quirky ensemble a frightfully realistic appearance. ‘

Check out what kind of money this affiliate is making

Results affiliate website

It’s nice to search the web for crazy and funny products on a daily basis. But does this website also makes money? Below the results of this creative affiliate site:

Facebook followers: 311k
Twitter followers: 10k
Monthly visitors: 1,1 million(source)
Alexa rank: 15910
Estimated monthly affiliate commission: 70k

What is the reason this affiliate is so successful?

1 – Share:

People send the funny products to each other. As a result, new visitors will keep coming to the site.

2 – Backlinks:

Many blogs and websites refer to this site for inspiration and tips for gifts. Thisiswhyiambroke gets a lot of backlinks.

3 – Returning visitors:

The site has a large community. As a result, many returning visitors. The dependence of Google is limited. You can continue to scroll indefinitely and the site is continuously updated. This brings people back to see what new products have been added.

4 – Cross sell:

All visitors who click on a product are forwarded to Amazon. The products that are on TIWIB are bought by a small group of people. However, if you click on the affiliate link to Amazon and you decide to buy something else within the cookie time, ‘This is why I’am broke’ will also receive a commission.

It is expected that a large proportion of the paid commissions come from purchases of other products.

Below are some examples of the products that can be found on this creative affiliate website – read the texts below as well

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