Choosing an affiliate network

Choosing an affiliate network. You own a webshop and you want to start with affiliate marketing. But with which choosing an affiliate networkaffiliate network are you going to work together? How do you determine this, what do you have to pay attention to?

Tip 1: Expertise network

When you sell fashion via the internet. Then it is nice if the affiliate network has knowledge of the fashion industry. You can see this by looking at the website of the affiliate network. Check out which clothing brands they currently have as a customer. Do they have a large portfolio of fashion customers? Then you can assume that the important fashion affiliates are connected to this network. In addition, the account managers of the network can advise you better if they are big in fashion. They have seen what works and what does not work. You can benefit from this if you choose for an affiliate network that is an expert within your sector.

Tip 2: Network costs

If you request an offer from an affiliate network, there are: Start-up costs / Licensing Fees / Network margin / hosting costs. Make sure you have clear information about the costs and whether this fits within the margins of your products.

Tip 3: Pro activity network

Ask the network what you can expect from the them. Will the network recruit new affiliates? Does the network answer questions from affiliates? Do you regularly get tips for optimization? Does the network uses benchmark in which you can see how the performance is in relation to the competition?

Tip 4: Interface and technology affiliate network

What does the interface look like. Can you get enough statistics here for your own analyzes? Do the affiliates enjoy working with the interface? Find this out before you start. In addition, there are affliate networks that develop tools for advertisers and affiliates. Inform what the network does in terms of tooling and technological development.

Choosing an affiliate network is not easy, but through these tips it should be easier. Good luck.

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